Social Media for New Jobs

Welcome to the MOOC course “Social Media for New Jobs”!

The course is organized in 3 modules:!

  • Personal Digital Identity
  • Digital Identity for Companies
  • Monitoring of Changes in the Labour Market
Each module is organized in chapters and each chapter includes+ a video lesson, a multiple choice questionnaire and a proposal of individual and collaborative activities for students. The text of the course is available in English, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. The video lessons are available in English with subtitles in English, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.
The total duration of the courses is about 30 hours.

In order to access the course it is necessary to register (GO) and get a username and password. The registration is free of charge.

Once registered, you can access the first chapter of each of the 3 modules. You will be able to access the second chapter only after completing the first one and its related multiple choice questionnaire. The same rule applies to all chapters. It is possible to take the questionnaire only once and the result will be recorded in the internal database and reported in the final certificate.

At the end of the 3 modules, you will be awarded with:
  • A certificate of attendance
  • A certificate of attendance indicating the percentage of correct answers to the multiple choice questionnaire
  • The report of your answers to the questionnaire

Personal Digital Identity

img-3 Creation, maintenance, updating and controlling of the personal digital identity to find a job

Digital Identity for Companies

img-3 Creating the strategic plan for promoting the enterprise brand and the personal brand for young entrepreneurs

Monitoring of changes in the labour market

img-3 Understanding the mechanisms and the trends of the labour market