Project Description


The project is based on three main needs:

  • VET teachers need to acquire the skills to train their students on the aware use of Social Media to find job opportunities and develop their entrepreneurial spirit
  • Companies need to improve the use of social media for promoting their brands
  • Enterprises and the VET system need to establish a cooperation in order to ameliorate the matching of job offer and demand, the visibility of companies and to promote youngsters employability


The Spanish National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme financed the YEES project in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme with the aim to foster cooperation between the Vocational Education Systems and the world of work and to promote the inclusion of youngsters in the labour market in an effective way using social media and crowdsourcing based tools.

Target Groups

The project is addressed to:

  • Schools: VET teachers, VET trainers and VET students
  • Companies: entrepreneurs, human resources managers, community managers


The expected outcomes are:

  • The two Guides created to the needs of the target groups.
  • MOOC Course in the UPV platform
  • Using Crowdsourcing approach for collaborative learn
  • Testing of the updated Guides by VET teachers and companies’ human resources managers, community managers in order to make them acquire the skills to exploit the full potential of web social media for matching job offer and request.
  • Insertion of the YEES project results into the European VET systems


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