Testimonials on the YEES products

P. L.
I am an English teacher and I really appreciated the YEES project from a teaching point of view. I let my students free to decide in which language they could attend the MOOC course (and I am quite sure most of them have chosen the Italian subtitles). But, when we were involved in the “adopt an enterprise” activity, students were obliged to express their feedbacks in English, as they had to insert them in the transnational discussion available in the platform. So, from my personal point of view, the YEES project (and the crowdsourcing experience in particular) provided me with the opportunity to develop my students’ language skills according to a challenging and innovative perspective.

J. R.
The YEES project offers the possibility to support a transversal cooperation among the actors mainly involved in both the school context and the labour market: teachers, students and companies’ representatives. The passage from the school context to the labour market is usually underestimated, but the truth is that it is a crucial moment, considering the recent data related to the total amount of Italian NEETs. In order to reduce those data, a reciprocal cooperation among teachers, students and companies’ representatives can be crucial in sustaining a constructive dialogue between school and labour market.

A. G.
The consistency between the Guides addressed to teachers and the MOOC course is the main strength of the YEES project. I belong to an “old” teaching methodology and I have to admit I have long underestimated the potentialities of Social Medias. But the reality is under our eyes: Social Medias are becoming more and more influent and it happens more frequently that our students can teach us how to use them. So, I think the MOOC course is a valid tool to reduce the existing gap between students and teachers in terms of digital skills. Even more, teachers can understand how to use Social Medias in a professional way and we can forward this know-how to our students.

P. S.
“Lifelong learning” is a key word teachers are familiar with. But it is an objective we can hardly reach, as we do not have enough time to attend courses, for which we are usually asked to pay. The MOOC course allows us to attend a free course according to an independent and autonomous scheme (me personally I attended the course during the Christmas break, as it was the only free period I had).

A. M.
I have to confirm the main strength of the YEES project was represented by the crowdsourcing platform. In particular I appreciated the methodological approach behind it. We are quite familiar to a teaching methodology according to which roles are quite fixed: teachers explain and students learn. The new teaching approaches I have been studying (and I am hardly trying to introduce in my classrooms) offer a brand new roles’ distribution according to which students should be motivated to actively participate in the lessons, by providing their feedbacks and their suggestions. This is the main strength of the crowdsourcing experience: giving voice to the students, offering them the opportunity to express their personal points of view on real case studies, like the company we have been asking to work on.

F. C.
I have never been involved before in European projects. And I never thought they were so useful. Thanks to this experience, I think European projects - like YEES - can have a very important role in developing students’ skills and competences, in particular when they are asked to relate to their peers abroad. And, unfortunately, there are not so many opportunities in dealing with students coming from other countries.


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